What was the point, since Pujol had a veritable army of James Bonds running around feeding them all the info they needed? Harassed by both sides and pressed into military service against his will on a half-dozen occasions, Pujol played the sides against each other, bided his time, went AWOL when things got too intense, and did whatever he could to stay out of the war while also not getting shot in the head as a traitor for not playing along with this autocratic revolutionary bullshit. I really, really did. A truly unusual record that the soap indirectly holds and perhaps the funniest one is for, get this: Once it loads, you will start with an empty planet. Ever heard of Supercasino? The good news is — now you can make your own little or big?

2. Mother Russia Bleeds

3. Salt & Sanctuary

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From his home office in Lisbon, armed only with a Spanish-language version of Frommer's Guide to England , a British railway schedule, and a couple road maps, he somehow convinced the Nazis that he had established himself as a secret agent working deep undercover in the British Isles. As if magically teleporting himself across the Channel to a country he'd never seen before wasn't enough of a feat, he then fabricated an entire organized network of badass fictional spies to come work for him and do awesome things in his name.

Before long, this crazy imaginary spymaster built a network of twenty-seven!! Incredibly, they bought it. Hell, this rogue freelance secret agent was so effective and omnipresent in his reporting to the Abwehr that eventually the British started intercepting messages from this powerful spymaster operating right under their noses, and started trying to figure out how to counteract him. The Brits, however, had a little more insight into the fact that Pujol was more full of crap than a manure truck, and could tell that this guy had obviously never set foot in their country before.

For starters, he was reporting on troop movements and convoy deliveries that didn't exist, and the fact that he couldn't figure out the difference between pounds, shillings, and pence was also somewhat puzzling for a guy who was supposed to be seamlessly blending in with British society. MI5 still went out and put together a counter-espionage group aimed at locating ARABEL, bringing him in for questioning, and taking down his web of saboteurs.

This time, instead of a meek plea for work, this fearless badass walked right into their offices, threw down the ULTRA machine, told them he was already "in there" as a secret agent with the Nazis, and demanded that they bring him over to work for them.

At least, that's the way I picture that going down. MI5 considered Garcia's application a little more seriously this time around, and they relocated him and his family to England to work as a clandestine double agent feeding misinformation to the Germans. For two more years Juan Pujol Garcia fed info to the Germans regarding his super-awesome network of imaginary operatives, moving them around the country, passing off information, and then having them murdered, fired, or imprisoned when the messaged he sent along proved to be incorrect.

As spies died off from counter-espionage intrigues, plane crashes, and extended battles with cancer, he replaced them with more fake guys and more bullshit information. Like, for instance there was a fascist-sympathizing soldier named Dagobert who belonged to a non-existent unit in the British 9th Armored Division that enjoyed hunting down and assassinating "political undesireables" the British government backed up these claims by posting fake obituaries in the newspapers, which kicks ass.

Despite spewing forth an endless fire-hose stream of bullcrap, ventually Pujol got in so tight with the Nazis that they completely stopped dispatching spies to the United Kingdom. What was the point, since Pujol had a veritable army of James Bonds running around feeding them all the info they needed? While this surely had its bonuses, never was Pujol's more important to the Allied war cause than during the days leading up to the Allied invasion of Normandy. This info was based largely on intel provided by Pujol and his insane balls-out spy network.

Omaha Beach was already a pretty hellacious clusterbone, and another couple hundred thousand German machine guns might have made the entire operation a failure, but as it stood the Allies got a foothold in mainland France and started the long process of pushing the Nazis all the way back to Berlin.

So yeah, that's kind of a big deal. You'd think that lying your ass off and feeding misinformation that would lead to the defeat that would mark the beginning of the end of the war in the West would get a super-spymaster fired, but Pujol, as we've seen, was really fucking clever. Two days before D-Day he mailed a letter saying that he'd discovered the truth and that the invasion was coming at Normandy.

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