The Sopranos - Season 1, Episode 11: Nobody Knows Anything

He wouldn't have loaned him that money if he didnt' know about his business. If janice didn't kill Richie, Tony would probably kill him after short time, He started a fight with Raplhie because of hes ego, Raplhie killed a girl for whatever reason, Tony decide to beat him, Raplhie as a made man refuse to take a drink and now Tony is mad, he gives him a capo because gigi dies, didn't want to have a drink with him, he kills him later because Pie o Mie but he also had that incident in mind when Raplhie killed that girl, so he killed him because of that and Pie o Mie. But it wasn't Tony's primary plan all along despite the spoken words later on that you're concentrating on. But he must wear pants. The character of Dr.

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At some point in his life, David married his wife Christine. Because Christine's name is on the title, David cannot gamble it away or mortgage it, which had offered the Scatino family some financial security. In the same episode, Davey is participating in a poker game owned by Richie Aprile. Richie later visits Davey at his store to collect payment. Davey says that that is only a partial payment, to which an annoyed Richie says David is not to participate in any card game run by Richie Aprile until the debt is retired.

Davey approaches Tony with the intent of playing a high-stakes poker game known as "The Executive Game," with notable alumni such as Frank Sinatra Jr. Later, Tony confronts Davey in his store about avoiding him. When Davey tries to use their friendship as leverage, Tony repeatedly assaults him. Artie declines, claiming his restaurant needs roofing. Although that may have been the case, given Davey's history of fiscal irresponsibility, Artie likely figured his own chances of repayment were slim.

Tony accepts and presents the SUV to Meadow, who recognizes it and becomes furious, since she and Eric are friends. His words are not the writer's exposition to us of the facts - they are simply Tony's train of thought at the moment. We need to look at the whole picture and interpret and not just take the characters self-descriptions and explanations at face value.

Your contention in the last reply still downplays how the scenario actually developed. I believe you are putting far too much emphasis on Tony's words, and that you still don't at all address or give proper consideration to the step by step events that occurred at the game. That's fine for your personal beliefs and choices, but you seem to continue to want to try to convince those of us who see it quite differently that you are "right", and if that's your intent then it seems that your supporting argument should address the events depicted that actually lead to the bust out of Davey.

I also feel you drastically want to downplay dialogue that is pertinent to the very discussion we're having, there is no real reason or evidence to suggest it's just tony making himself seem more grandiose, or to throw it away purely because "people say false shit some times".

I'll stand by my point and I suppose you yours. This seems to be a dead horse so if you don't mind how about we just call it a draw. Doesn't Tony admit to Davey that he set him up all along so that he could bust out the store? As Tony said, it's his job to bust out degenerates. This episode fools us, the audience, into believing that Davey is like Artie, just another one of Tony's high school pals who he would never harm, who just happens to play some cards, too. Another early episode of the show that emphasized how ruthless Tony was.

With regards to the sex scene with Janice I assumed her saying those things ruined the moment for him because it made him feel inadequate with his position.

Imo he was being reminded that tony soprano the kid who once looked up to him was now his boss whom he answers to. As opposed to your suggestion of Richie, the same guy who attempts to organise a coup against tony, suddenly developing a conscious and feeling bad for betraying tony. Just for fun I take Sopranos clips that get posted to YouTube and make playlists out of them. One of the first ones I made was the story of Richie and his conflicts with Tony. I do post the clips in chronological order, but I try to select ones that go together so the playlist has a narrative sense.

The first version of the Richie playlist I put together really made it look like Richie wasn't that bad, and Tony was a greedy piece of crap. But after I found some more clips it became a bit more balanced. I'll post a link to it but remember that all you have to do is take maybe three of the clips out and it makes Tony look really bad. I always took that scene as Richie letting Junior know that his loyalties are with him, not Tony. Not so much offering to kill Tony.

Yes this remember he's moaning about how things are different now etc and Junior says " what are you gonna do" to which Richie replies something along the lines of " Whatever you tell me, if this is how things need to be done, I'm all your's Junior.

To Richie, Tony was always just a kid that hung out with his little brother. He never respected him as street boss. I think initially he liked Tony, but felt that he could just ignore Tony's orders. The whole thing with the jacket is what pushed Richie over the edge. That and some prodding from Janice. What does his loyalty matter to Junior when Tony is in charge at that point? Richie was always posturing for power and manipulating anyone who would help him move forward. Richie was a great addition to the show.

I don't think he was ever truly "evil" or something. It's just that the mafia world passed him by. Here's some things I take note of from his arc:. As soon as he got out of the can, he went after Beansie. Now, everyone assumes it's because of some big personal beef he has towards the guy.

I really don't think that was the case. I think he went after Beansie, the same way he would a guy if he just walked into prison. He wanted to make a point. He picked a target who he DID have some animosity towards. But it was petty animosity, nothing worthy of paralyzing the guy.

He just wanted to find someone to quickly make an example out of to announce his return with authority. Thinking this is the old days, and he can just pick some greaseball store owner. That greaseball store owner was a somebody. Tony was in business with him. Tony did not like it from a business OR personal standpoint, as he liked Beansie. Richie's ancient attitude was on display for the first time there. If you're going to pick someone to make an example out of, you don't pick someone who is in the bosses pocket.

After that he got involved with Janice. Their relationship very closely mirrors Junior and Livia. She's pissing in his ear at all times to make him seem weak, feel weak, and like he has to lash out at Tony. Even at times when he remembers the code, his role, etc, she forces him to see things differently. The jacket was widely viewed as a genuine attempt by Richie to rekindle him and Tony's past friendship. He fucking laughs at them, and really seriously believes that they are joking until he realizes they aren't.

Because that's how little he cares about Beansie or considers him a player of any kind. He ends up refusing, and then insulting them. Richie then goes to see Tony while Junior is also there. He mentions the ramp, but like it's a joke because he doesn't care at all about Beansie , to which Tony replies he's well aware of the ramp. Richie realizes it was Tony's idea, which I assume he expected before he arrived.

He still doesn't care about it. Until Junior, the man Richie considers boss, makes a comment about Beans "terrible accident". Then Richie half-heartedly agreed to it. THEN he pulls the jacket out. Because the jacket was going to be his trump card to win Tony over from the start.

The whole thing was just a play to manipulate Tony. In the same scene, he shows that he doesn't give a fuck about Tony, and only views Junior as the boss. He really thought in his head, "Tony is this little kid to me and this is the most prized possession in the world to him, so he'll HAVE to believe me and love me if I give this to him.

He never respected Tony in any way. He thought he was just some asshole kid he could easily manipulate, and Tony never bought into it. That's why he was very suspicious of the jacket immediately. The whole jacket thing, sincere as it might have been, showed that Richie had zero respect for Tony as boss. It's the sort of thing you do for your kid brother for his birthday, not how you pay tribute to the boss of your family.

Davey was a degenerate, and Richie was short sighted. He could have recovered his modest debt and made a small profit. Tony, on the other hand, cashed in. Davey was going down and if not with the Sopranos he would have easily fallen into debt with the Russians or whomever had a game and was willing to extend him credit.

I think you misinterpreted this scene. He wasn't upset about the idea of breaking rules. He was upset because he didn't like Tonys leadership and he felt he would make a better boss. He saw this as being mocked. Tony fell asleep and never in a million years would he have allowed Davey to get floated that much money.

The situation got out of control. Tony would have let him play and floated him some but not the amount he ended up going in with. He fell asleep and missed it. As Boss of the family Tony needed to maintain a certain image. He absolutely couldn't allow people getting hurt at his game or players would be scared and not come back.

Also he wanted to show his captains he's top of the pecking order. A showing of dominance kind of thing. I personally don't agree with it but I probably wouldn't be a very good mob boss. I think if Tony had a preference it would be to slowly bleed Davey over a lifetime. Davey was a gambling addict. And, done right, he could have slowly milked that business for a very long time. When Davey stole the money while Tony was asleep, he basically left Tony with two choices; eat the loss or juice the business.

He showed Tony at that moment that he wasn't going to just be a habitual gambler who would always owe him something for years to come probably like Dr. Instead, he showed Tony that he was nose diving. Tony could either get out while he was only out a few tens of thousands of dollars which would be a weird thing for a mob boss to do or squeeze every cent out of the business so you turn it into a massive windfall for yourself and the family. He chose the latter.

Had he not, Davey would have just found someone else to lend him money and another game willing to take him. The bankruptcy thing, if Davey hadn't robbed the college fund, could have been like a wake-up call, and he could have rebuilt his life.

The fact that Davey had his business in his wife's name suggests to me that he had put everything in her name specifically because of his addiction. He likely hit bottom at least once before. From the way he spoke to his brother-in-law, that's how it sounded anyway. Please report this problem. Subscribe to 1 Movies Website mailing list to receive updates on movies, tv-series and news.

General Actors Characters Creators. Get premium and watch without any limits! Looming betrayals within a mob family cloud the horizon in this episode of the popular HBO crime series. Crooked police officer Vin Mazakian John Heard tells New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano James Gandolfini that his best friend and trusted lieutenant Big Pussy Bompenseiro Vincent Pastore , who was arrested by the feds, may have turned and could be working as an informant.

Although he's incredulous, Tony orders another of his men, Paulie Walnuts Tony Sirico to find the truth.

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