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Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. Copy Link Tweet This. Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: Common Knowledge Series Werewolf the Apocalypse. We essentially digitally re-master the book. Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books.

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Call of the Wyld by Joe Gentile. Wyrm Wolf by Edo van Belkom. The Apocalypse by Nancy Amboy. Time of Judgement Werewolf by Phyllis Bowen. The Book of Spirits by Bill Bridges. Book of Auspices by Matt McFarland. Book of the Weaver by Sue Armstrong. Book of the Wyld by Richard Dansky. Book of the Wyrm by White Wolf. Book of Wyrm 2nd Edition by Ron Spencer. Places of Power by Bill Bridges. Fangs of the Mother Queen by James Moore.

Bastet by Phil Brucato. Corax by Richard Dansky. Gurahl by White Wolf. Mokole by James Comer. Nagah by Kraig Blackwelder.

Nuwisha by James Moore. Ratkin by Brian Campbell. Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth: Croatan Song by Bill Bridges. Vancouver by Nigel Findley. Frontier Secrets by Richard Dansky.

Guardians of the Caerns Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Forrest Marchinton. The Apocalypse by Robert Schroeck. Hammer and Klaive by Ethan Skemp. Hell-Storm by James A. Shapeshifters of the East by Heather Curatola. Unsung Heroes by Forrest Marchinton. Laws of the Wild: Changing Breeds 3 by Randi-Jo Bruner. Litany of the Tribes 1: Litany of the Tribes 2: Litany of the Tribes 3: Litany of the Tribes 4: Pentex Werewolf by Brad Freeman.

Past Lives by Bruce Bauch. A Player's Guide for Werewolf: The Apocalypse by C. Rage Across Egypt Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Chris Howard. Rage Across Russia by Steve Casper. Rage Across the Heavens Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Jackie Cassada. Warriors of the Apocalypse by White Wolf Publishing. Through Danger Reborn by Sam Chupp. The Silver Record by Bill Bridges. A Guide to Pentex Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Richard Dansky.

Tales From the Trails: Mexico by James A. Bone Gnawers 1st by Sam Chupp. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. This title is not available. Here are some other titles you might like. Customers who bought this title also purchased. Pay What You Want. Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! Copy Link Tweet This. Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.

Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. This reflects their tie with railroads, rather than the city. Several of their Gifts allow them to harness the power of locomotives, and Stourbridge Lion , a personification of the railroad, is a well respected totem. The Iron Riders are generally presented as somewhat more adventurous and willing to venture into the wilderness than their modern counterparts.

The Uktena and Wendigo have a much more antagonist relationship with the Wyrmcomers than they do in the modern era. The death of the Croatan is fresher in their minds. The European Garou also frequently attack the Uktena and Wendigo, trying to seize caerns and territory from the native Garou. The Uktena are more firmly entrenched in Native American culture at this time. They are only starting to absorb other oppressed minorities. The majority still come from traditional societies. They are most concerned with trying to keep ancient Banes bound beneath the earth.

The coming of the Wyrmcomers has let many of them free, and the Uktena are determined to not allow any more ancient evils loose. The Wendigo are even more reclusive in this era.

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